Welcome to the EntitiesNet Store!

At the EntitiesNet store we offer a wide range of items including cosmetics, commands and donator ranks! We really do appreciate any purchase because of how much it helps us out with running the server. All of our players mean a lot to us so we offer round the clock support on our Discord Server for any issues store related or otherwise. If you have any questions about what we sell in the store please don’t hesitate to ask any of our awesome staff!

- FlaxenYapper287

  Owner of the EntitiesNet server    

Customer Support

Any issues related to our store please join our Discord Server and open a Support Ticket a member of our Admin Team will be with you as soon as possible.

Before finalizing a purchase, make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username as we are unable to transfer packages to different users. Once payment has been completed most customers receive their items in-game within 10 minutes. If you are unable to get on the EntitiesNet server you'll receive your items the next time you log in (even if this is a month later). If you do not receive your orders contact us with the method shown above.

All our payments are highly secure and private!

This store is not supported or associated with Mojang, Minecraft or Microsoft in anyway shape or form.

Recent Store Purchases

1x 5 Envoy Flares

1x Platinum

1x Platinum

1x 3 God Keys

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